SimPe für “Die Sims 2 - Haustiere”

Heute wurde die SimPE-Version 0.60 freigegeben, diese ist in der Lage mit dem Erweiterungspack “Haustiere” umzugehen.

Abgesehen von den umfangreichen Änderungen und Erweiterungen die hierfür notwendig waren, wird SimPE ab dieser Version gegen das .NET Framework 2.0 kompiliert (und nicht mehr gegen den Vorgänger .NET 1.1). Dies bedeutet selbstverständlich, daß man das .NET Framework 2.0 installieren muß, bevor man SimPE 0.60 nutzen kann. .NET 2.0 und 1.1 können problemlos zusammen auf dem Rechner installiert sein.

Achtung: Aufgrund der hohen Erwartungshaltung der Nutzer, ein “Haustiere”-taugliches SimPE zu erhalten, hat diese Veröffentlichung einen gewissen Prerelease-Status, es ist also mit Fehlern zu rechnen. Bitte meldet diese, falls ihr welche findet, im SimPE-Forum. Weiterhin ist dringend anzuraten, vor der Benutzung der Version 0.60 eine komplette Sicherung der Spielstanddateien und Downloads anzufertigen.

Numenor hat natürlich auch ein passendes CEP veröffentlicht, welches ihr hier herunterladen könnt.

Änderungen und Neuerungen im Einzelnen:

  • SDE: Now has a fast open option for SCOR Resources
  • Docks: Added a threshold when you undock a set of panels by moving the caption bar. Please let me know if you still have spontanious undocks with this version
  • Docks: When Lock Docks is checked in Extra->PReferences, resizing will still be possible.
  • SDE: Fixed the Maximize stuff
  • OBJd: Added field for the GridAligned GUID
  • PJSE: Added latest Version
  • SCOR: Fixed some minor problems
  • SimPE Core: Added an update check hook for Plugins (see )
  • Included an italian translation created by Sims2Cri. Thank you very much!!!
  • Fixed the SemiGlobal importer, package search tool and the career Editor to use PJSE
  • Added support for the Happy Holiday Stuff SP (Well, I assumed, that it is a real new SP, not just Version 2 of that older holiday pack!)
  • SimPE GUI: Added a splash screen. You can turn it off in Extra->Preferences… or by starting SimPE with SimPe.exe –nosplash
  • The WaitingBar is allways visible from now on. If you liked it better , you can open the Propertries Editor (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H), and turn off ShowWaitBarPermanent
  • SimPe is allways preselecting the all entry in the ResourceTree no matter how big the package is you are opening. If you liked the old behaviour (where simPe did not autoselect for big packages), go to the Properties Editor and turn off ResourceTreeAllwaysAutoselect
  • The ResourceList is displaying the content differently now by default. You can reset the default Display behaviour in Extra->Preferences on the Various Tab by setting the following Options:
    • Name Format: long type + name
    • TGI name extension: complete TGI
    • Type format: do not show
  • SDE: The Interest panel can now display the correct hobbies if the selected Sim is a Pet
  • SCOR: The Sim Score Warpper stores the behaviours learned by a Pet. You can now edit them with the new SCOR GUI (but it is not finished yet)
  • TGIs: Change the names of some resources (as reported in this Thread:
  • GLOB Filter: List is sorted again
  • ResourceDock: Fixed the compression/decompression behaviour (as reported by Pinhead)
  • Fixed the possible cause for the exception PLJones reported (when using Save As…)
  • RemoteCOntrol: Added an event to the control, that is fired whenever the selection in teh ResourceList was changed
  • New look for the about, update and tutorials screens
  • Resource List: Fixed problems with flickering ResourceList when imporing a big number of resources
  • Resource List: Fixed Update Problem when the TGI changed
  • SDE: Fixed some Layout problems
  • Semi Global Import: Fixed the TTAB reading
  • Added changed german language resources by Xanathon
  • Compiled a x86 target (thanks to TripleM)
  • IDNO Wrapper: Knows Pets Neeighborhhods now
  • GLOB Filter: Assembled a list of all currently active GLOB Groups
  • NetDocks: Included latest Release which enhances the stability of reloading a previously saved dock layout
  • Resource List: Darg&Drop is back (thanks DeeDee), as well as the missing updates when a package got saved or a resources tgi were changed (thanks wes_h)
  • Resource List: Fixed the problem where the selection was not updated when you sorted the List (thanks Inge)
  • SDE: Added a species Selection and the character Traits of Pets
  • OBJd: Added a TextBox for the Diagonal GUID
  • TGIs: Change the names of some resources (found by bobsort in this Thread:
  • NetDocks: Included latest Release (this should fix some of Numenors Problems)
  • Resource List: When you unset the async sort Option (in simpe.xreg), SimPE will load the Reosurce names when it opens the package. Normally simpe only does this, when you sort the contents of a package by the Type Column
  • Finder Dock: Fixed the sorting Bug DeeDee reported
  • SDE: Fixed the Max know Relationship Bug Trif reported
  • SimPE GUI: Included neew templates for the default modern/classic layout. This should fix the Problems jordi and squinge reported
  • NetDocks: Included latest Release
  • SimPE GUI: Included a rewritten Resource List/Tree. This allows SimPE to make use of DualCore CPU’s when sorting a big package by names, and alos enhances the overal loading speed of big packages.
  • SimPE Core: Added Pets Extension to the extensions file
  • SDSC: Updated the SDSC Plugin to support the Pets extension
  • ObjectWorkshop: Added Group for the Pets Items
  • SMD Plugin: included latest Release
  • NetDocks: Included latest Release
  • SimPE GUI: Fixed Problems with DockVisible indicators not updating correctly
  • SimPE GUI: Replaced almost all occurences of SandBar in the SImPE GUI, and replaced them with the native .NET ToolStrips
  • SimPE GUI: Replaced all SandDock docks with the ones from NetDocks.
  • SimPE GUI: Fixed a Bug in the Open In… Menu
  • SimPE Core: Intorduced the PathProvider (see for details). This made several Methods obsolete, and I suggest you clean your code to make sure that those methods get no longer called!
  • PJBMT: Included the PJ Body Mesh Tool
  • Content Preview Plugin: Can extract various formats (includeing .rar) now, without having 7-zip or any other tools installed (Powered by the 7-Zip Engine)
  • Shortcuts in the main GUI are back
  • Added support for the Glamour Small Expansion
  • Removed Dock Loader: Fixed a Bug, that stoped OW from being loaded
  • Neighborhood Browser: Shows a DropDown List with all sub Neighborhoods that can be loaded
  • Removed most ToolBars/Menus that were based on SandBar (by DivElements), because they did not work with Windows Vista
  • Fixed minor Bugs, that were causing Problems using Windows Vista Beta 2.
  • Introduced a new Theme called glossy.
  • Object Workshop: When you recolor a Object, you will be able to select the texture from all available textures
  • SDE: The Relations tab got a new SimPool, which allows you to filter the displayed Sims by Family (like the one in the Memory editor) and other Options
  • OBJd Wrapper: The RAW Data view is showing negativ numbers in hex correct again
  • PluginView: Fixed the Exception that was thrown when multiple resource got opened by a double click or the cursor keys. (as reported by Numenor)
  • Object Workshop: Removed the ToolTips in the MenuStrip which cuased an Exception when the OW Windows was closed and reopened (as reported by Numenor)
  • Anim: Fixed the “create” process from 2-byte values (as reported by SnowStorm). They now get automatically “upgraded” to 6-byte values, so that they can store a valid timecode.
  • Filter dock: Fixed the resize bug for the Group combobox
  • Resource Export: Fixed the Bug Pinhead reported, where the export option was disabled when use shif-selected resources in the resource list
  • Plugin Remote Control: Fixed the bug that threw an exception when you used import semi globals and the resource displayed in the plugin view was not visible (as reported by SnowStorm)
  • WaitBar: Fixed the thread-sync bug, as reported by hoazl
  • Anim: Fixed a bug that rendered the anim-resource uselwess when commiting
  • Gmdc: Changed the code that loads the joint name. SimPE will only try once to load the CRES that is defining the joints of a GMDC. Up to now, it tried to find the CRES again, for each joint that was defined, which (when the CRES was not found) caused extensive waiting times.
  • TGA Loader: Supports grayscale tga now (as reported here:
  • SDE: Fixed a minor bug
  • Waiting Screen: Fixed deadlock (which was responsible for the GMDC Group-Tab to hang, thanks to Windkeeper for his help)
  • Resource List: further improvements to the code that assembles the list (should be way faster now for many resources, the delay during sorting will only happen, if you choos to sort by the type column)
  • Added a form that allows you to directly acces the internal SimPE settings (the onse you see in Extra->Preferences and the onse you don’t see there)
    1. click into the ResourceList
    2. press [ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+H
    3. click the properties button

    You can turn off the derefered sorting in that form, simply look for the AsynchronSort property and set it to false.

  • Added the BumpMapNormap export, created by Skankyboy
  • Drag&Drop of .packages to the ResourceList works correct again
  • The WaitingBar was ported to a .NET 2 based Version
  • Exception Dialog: The Error when clicking “copy to Clipboard” during a Version Check (as reported by PLJones) was fixed.
  • Finder Dock: Fixed Error when searching in NameMaps
  • GMDC Plugin: Fixed the Problems when importing Milkshape Meshes
  • ResourceList: Fixed the flicker. The List should also load faster from now on, as the sorting is derefered. So you first will get a unsorted Listing, then SimPE will start the sorting. This is usefull, when you have alot of Resources to display.
  • GMDC Plugin: [internal] the GmdcElement.Number Value is set automatically now if the GmdcElement.Items list is empty
  • ObjectWorkshop: Catalog Button is working normal again
  • The layout.xreg is now called layout2.xreg. It is more stable in remembering which ToolButtons were visible and which were not.
  • Removed the following Plugins: old objd, old srel, old sdsc, tree
  • Changed the build System used for the .NET 2.0 branch. So please take a close look, if everything is still there
  • Fixed this Bug:…SimPe-58
  • Added latest Version of Skankyboy’s 3ds and smd importer/exporter
  • Some small bugfixes needed for .NET 2.0
  • Fixed this Bug:

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