CEP - Color Enabler Package


  • The CEP (Color Enable Package) is FREEWARE. You can’t sell it in any way, nor alone, nor included in packages and archives. If you have paid for it, please report to numenor@email.it
  • The CEP files, CEP installer and CEP documentation (or parts of them) can be hosted only on ModTheSims2; any other site offering the CEP to their users must link directly to the official CEP page instead.
    SimPE site was granted special permission to host the CEP files and installer, but it can’t be linked to from other sites.
    All the sites that currently host any version of the CEP (including the oldest ones) are requested to remove them immediately, and link to http://cep.modthesims2.com instead.
    If you have downloaded the CEP from any other site besides ModTheSims2 or SimPE site, please report to numenor@email.it
  • Recolour packages created for CEP objects can be posted on any site (including paysites); in any case, the creator must advertise each download as a "CEP Recolor" and add a link to the official CEP page. Alternatively, the provided link can point to a local CEP Info Page that must contain a link to the CEP help page. Credits for each download are optional if there is a local CEP Info Page that contains proper credits to Numenor, RGiles and Quaxi.
  • Objects created by cloning CEP objects can be posted on any site (including paysites); each download must be advertised as a "CEP Clone" and give credits to Numenor, RGiles and Quaxi. No link to the official CEP page is required, though it would be appreciated.

Important Note

Since v. 1.0, the CEP contains copyright lines, stating that the CEP  files have been created by RGiles and myself. When a creator recolours or clones a CEP  object, some files (namely, Material Overrides and Geometry Nodes) are copied from the CEP  to the recolour or clone package; as a result, the new packages will contain some files created and copyrighted by RGiles and me. Obviously, as clearly stated in the Licence agreement, this "copyright" only serves as a reminder that a particular Material Override or Geometry Node was created by us: we have renounced since the beginning to any economic claims and returns related to the usage of the CEP.

We’ve always found this copyright system fair and correct, and we had not a single complaint in 9 months (since the first CEP was released). Until now.
Recently some users complained about the fact the the copyright line included in the CEP and tranferred to a recolour or clone might make people think that the whole recolour or clone was copyrighted by the CEP creators. Our opinion was different, but Numenor agreed that the copyright line could have been rewritten in a more understandable way. Starting from current version (3.2b), every MMAT in the CEP states: "CEP v 3.x - MMAT created by Numenor and RGiles (Co-inventors of the Recoloring Process/CEP only, not the makers of this object)."; a similar copyright line is included in the GMNDs.

Therefore, BE WARNED that every recolour or clone you create using the CEP will contain one or more files created and copyrighted by us. If having in your packages files created by other users (and copyrighted by them) is a problem for you, please don’t use the CEP.


Help and detailed information can be found on the Official CEP Page at MTS2.

Please download up to date version from the thread at MTS2 above.