Important Note

  • The Software provided here is in it's Alpha Stage. Tho we do extensive testing, we make no guarantee for it's appropriate behaviour! Download this software at your own Risk! See the Disclaimer for Details.
  • Changing the original Game Files with SimPE may be considered a License violation in some Countries. Only use SimPE if you are sure that this is no problem where you live.
  • Always make backup copies of your Sims 2 folder before editing any package files. If you don't, you might as well kill your Sims or burn down your houses!
  • Remember you can do just about anything imaginable with SimPE, including creating defective packages that can't be read by the game.
  • SimPE is provided As-Is. You are only allowed to download SimPE if you agree to the Disclaimer!
  • As we only scratch the surface of modding The Sims 2, some things in this software might not work as expected.  You can help improve SimPE by reporting any problems you experience in our Forum.
  • If you have problems starting SimPE, please check the F.A.Q. before sending any eMail to me!


If you need Help installing SimPE, please read this excellent Tutorial created by Xanathon.

Needed Software to run SimPE

Main SimPE Download

Additional Downloads

Older Versions and .rar/.7z Archives

The rar Versions, the Source SVN repository and older Versions of SimPE are available from A tutorial on how to download the SimPE sources can be found in this FAQ-item.