SimPE for Freetime

March 11th, 2008

Following up the very delayed release 0.64 of SimPE we were quite fast to get it working with The Sims 2 - Freetime this time. So we happily announce SimPE 0.66.

The foremost noticeable change is the support for Freetime, but we also updated SimPE to get it working with The Sims Castaway Stories (Thanks for the great Support by Trif).

Among other changes we also added two new finder modules, that allow you to scan NREF resources and all Scenegraph related resources.

With Freetime the game began to check the interest settings of your Sims, so changing interests in SimPEs SDS will not stick in the game. We also have a problem with the alt Sim Surgery Plugin, so be careful when using it.

Welcome to the new Server

January 12th, 2008

You already made it to the new SimPE Server if you can read this post. So you sould be able to post in the Forums, and use the GUID-Database. :)

New SimPE Release

December 29th, 2007

It has been a long time, and many rumors since the last public SimPE release. I’d like to do something I should have done quite some time back: SimPe is going commercial ;)

Whoever believed in the above statement is dead wrong. As it always said on this site, and as I always stated, SimPE is never going to be a commercial software (neither Donation ware, nor Shareware or anything else). SimPE is and will (as long as I have something to say in it) always stay Freeware. So the real announcement is, that I did not have any time at all in the last months, which did stop a public release so far.

Luckily Inge and Peter Jones as well as Numenor took charge and assembled a great new Release. You can read about all the Details in this Thread. They implemented some real great additions, like support for The Sims 2 - Bon Voyage and the Teen Stuff expansion. We also managed to get the loading of a Neighborhood quite a bit faster, so SimPE should feel more responsive for most users.

PLJones did of course update his Plugins, and we are proud to announce, that the Plugins from Theo’s Shack are now part of every SimPE release.

Numenor took care of the current installer, which is working great. At this point we do no longer offer any updates to the light version of the SimPE Setup.
Sorry for that, but it is one less thing we have to care about

While I still won’t have much time until after march, Inge, Peter and Numenor will take care of new releases with Peter taking charge of the main development.

So a happy new Year to everyone! And a very special Thanks to Numenor, Inge, Peter and Stormwench!

Bon Voyage

September 7th, 2007

So, we finally got a new Expansion for The Sims 2, which SimPE will soon support as usual.

Since I do not know yet what was changed internally for the new Expansion, I cannot estimate when the new SimPE for The Sims 2 - Bon Voyage will be finished.


June 30th, 2007

Some may have noticed my lack of presence in the last weeks. That was due to a vacation. Now I am back, and ready to Develop.

If you think my absence was to long, please consider to join our Team. We are still looking for poeple writing for our Knowledgedatabase. Or some that clean up/document the code. Our just some that want to help developing. I you are interesed, post in the Forums, or send me an eMail.